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QHRM is designed to support and develop employees, adapt to the constantly evolving HR field, and make HR operations efficient and effective. Streamline your HR processes, create a customized database of resumes, retain top talent, establish a high-performing workforce, and implement Succession Planning in a new and innovative way, all while prioritizing employee experience.

Grow Your Team Effortlessly

Say farewell to tedious Manual HR tasks Embrace the latest HR technology system

Bid farewell to inflexible, Excel-based HR solutions. Upgrade to a smarter and more efficient HR software, equipped with features that liberate you from daily administrative tasks. 

A comprehensive database of potential candidates that can adapt to the growing needs of your organization.

An efficient system for managing and tracking employee information.

Streamlined HR processes that are powered by automation and smart technology.

Advanced time and attendance management utilizing AI technology.

Inbuilt compliance with government regulations for accurate payroll calculations

Improve Productivity

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your Attendance and Time management.

Streamline your time tracking process and reduce administrative burdens. QHRM’s time and attendance system automates the tracking of employee hours and time off, allowing you to focus on boosting productivity. With seamless integration with payroll, our system ensures accurate and error-free payroll calculations, saving you time and effort. 

A highly configurable schedule system that allows you to easily manage shifts and duties. 

A clear and easy-to-use visual representation of attendance, with color coding to distinguish late arrivals and early departures.

Automated overtime calculations with the ability to set your own rules and parameters.

Flexible leave and time off policies that can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of your organization.

Exact and Precise payroll calculations, with nothing added and nothing taken away, guaranteeing fair and accurate compensation for all employees.

Make the most of your time at work. Our attendance, overtime, and leave tracking system seamlessly integrates with automated payroll calculation, allowing you to focus on what really matters: 

Performance management

Simplify performance management with our user-friendly system.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce and drive your business to success. Our performance management system offers a comprehensive view of team performance, individual employee capabilities, and opportunities for organizational improvement. By cultivating the talents of your employees, you can enhance the performance of your organization and achieve your business goals. 

Employee training

Experience a new way of Training your employee with our innovative solution.

Transform the way you approach learning and development with our innovative solution. Our system offers a personalized approach to training, empowering employees to take control of their own development and reach their full potential. 

Employee utilities

Manage employee help desk, Tasks & Claims.

Efficiently manage your employees’ day-to-day tasks and needs with our help desk and task management system. Streamline the process of tracking and resolving help desk requests and tasks, ensuring that all employee concerns are addressed quickly and effectively. 

Amazing features to Boost Productivity of HR Department.

Streamline HR operations with QHRM’s powerful features, fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your company. Improve employee satisfaction and productivity with our advanced automation and self-service capabilities.  

Personalized Job Board

Effortlessly advertise open positions and streamline the hiring process with QHRM's vacancy creation feature. Automatically post job listings to your website, social media, and external job portals, while easily managing resumes and applicants in one central database

Remote Onboarding

Simplify and streamline your onboarding process with QHRM's remote onboarding feature. Use customizable templates to ensure a consistent and efficient experience for all new hires, while giving them a warm welcome to your organization.

Employee Help Desk

Streamline internal communication and improve employee satisfaction with QHRM's built-in ticketing system. Set and track SLAs for quick resolution of issues, leading to a more productive and satisfied team.

Succession Planning

With QHRM's performance management tools, easily identify key roles within your organization and set clear KRA and KPI for each role. Use our training management system to keep your team members prepared and ready for succession, ensuring a smooth transition and never leaving key positions vacant.

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Simple to use easy to understand Innovative HR software crafted to suit your requirements, streamline your HR processes with Ease.

1000 Documents : Readymade HR policy documents, get your organization up and running with HR policies in minutes. 

Customization:  Customize your HR policies as per your requirements and get system reports.

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100+ Companies are using QHRM in Myanmar  

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