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The QHRM training management system provides organizations with the flexibility to ensure proper employee training. This includes a comprehensive self-made course library for learning, accurate training hours calculation, and the option for employees to complete assignments at their own pace. All of these features, combined with the ability to conduct training examinations, ensure that employees receive thorough training and are prepared for their role.

Transform employee training with our user-friendly and efficient training management software.

Achieve your organizational goals with our feature-packed, customized training management software. Empower your employees with personalized training to reach their full potential.

Course Library

A comprehensive library of courses, tutorials, and training materials that employees can access at any time.

Assessment and Testing

The ability to create and administer tests and exams, and to track and report on employee performance.

Learning Management

The ability to assign, track, and report on employee training progress, including completion status, grades, and time spent on each course.

Customization and Integration

The ability to customize the training management software to meet the specific needs of the organization, and to integrate with other systems, such as HR and payroll, to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

QHRM’s training management system is a game-changer for organizations looking to streamline their employee training process. With a self-made course library, accurate tracking of training hours, and flexible learning options, this software ensures that employees receive the thorough training they need to excel in their roles. The ability to conduct training examinations and personalized training options further empowers employees to reach their full potential. Overall, QHRM’s training management system is a user-friendly and efficient solution for organizations seeking to enhance their employee training program.

Ma Hnin Hay Mhan Lwin (APEX Group)
HR Officer


Currently, training is linked to examinations and performance is directly linked to payroll. If customization is required, it can be provided.
The system is only capable of managing designated training elements such as time, venue, and trainer, and does not address the training budget.
To add questions and answers, you will need to integrate with our system. Based on your responses, we can provide exam results through the software.
Our system provides one-stop service. This means that you can view results, allow employees to attend training through the software, and obtain training attendance reports.
When creating training, you can select either internal or external trainers.
The number of questions that can be created is unlimited.
Using filters such as name and training date, you can view an individual’s training history.
Our system allows you to create questions, courses, and batches. You can also view training schedules, attendance, and results, and conduct examinations.
The system provides four types of training reports, including a training course report, trainer course employee wise report, training participation report, and examination report.
Yes, it is possible to search for training reports within our system.