Retail Case Study

Streamlining HR Operations for Sweety Home Co., Ltd. with QHRM

Sweety Home Co., Ltd. is a leading retail company in Myanmar with over 200 stores across the country. With a workforce of more than 2,000 employees, managing HR operations was becoming increasingly challenging and time-consuming. They needed an HR management system that could automate their HR processes, including attendance tracking, leave management, and payroll processing.

Preparation and Planning

Sweety Home Co., Ltd. conducted an extensive evaluation of various HR management systems in the market, looking for a solution that would meet their specific needs. They needed a system that was customizable, user-friendly, and offered real-time attendance tracking.

After evaluating various options, they selected QHRM, a comprehensive HR management system that offered a range of features, including attendance tracking, leave management, payroll processing, and more. QHRM was customizable, easy to use, and provided real-time attendance tracking, making it an ideal fit for Sweety Home Co., Ltd.’s needs.

Research and Trials

Before deploying QHRM, Sweety Home Co., Ltd. conducted extensive trials to ensure that the system would work seamlessly with their existing processes. They ran a pilot project, where they tested the system with a small group of employees to ensure that the system could accurately track attendance, manage leaves, and process payroll.

The trials were successful, and Sweety Home Co., Ltd. decided to roll out QHRM to all their stores.

Installation and Data Transfer

The installation of QHRM was smooth, and the QHRM team worked closely with Sweety Home Co., Ltd.’s IT team to ensure that the system was integrated with their existing systems. The QHRM team also helped with the data transfer, ensuring that all employee data was accurately migrated to the new system.

Testing and Training

Sweety Home Co., Ltd. conducted extensive testing to ensure that the system was working correctly. The QHRM team provided training to Sweety Home Co., Ltd.’s HR team on how to use the system effectively. They also provided training to employees on how to clock in and out using biometric devices, apply for leave, and view their pay slips.

Going Live and Using the System

Once the testing and training were complete, Sweety Home Co., Ltd. went live with QHRM. The system was well-received by both the HR team and employees, who found it easy to use and navigate. With QHRM, Sweety Home Co., Ltd. was able to automate their HR processes, making attendance tracking, leave management, and payroll processing more efficient.

Follow-up, Feedback, and Support

The QHRM team provided ongoing support to Sweety Home Co., Ltd., ensuring that any issues were addressed promptly. The system was regularly updated to ensure that it remained up-to-date and met Sweety Home Co., Ltd.’s changing needs.

Sweety Home Co., Ltd.’s HR team found the system particularly helpful, as it allowed them to generate accurate and timely payroll reports. With QHRM, the payroll process became much more streamlined and efficient, freeing up time and resources that could be redirected towards other important business activities.

Overall, QHRM has helped Sweety Home Co., Ltd. streamline their HR operations, saving them numerous hours and costs. They can now focus on providing exceptional retail experiences to their customers, knowing that their HR processes are taken care of.

QHRM’s streamlined approach to HR operations allowed our Retail Industries to drastically improve our efficiency and resource management. From the thorough preparation and planning stages to the expert installation and data transfer, their team provided top-notch support throughout the entire process. With customized testing and training, we were able to confidently go live with the system, and have since experienced significant improvements in our HR operations. Their follow-up and feedback have been invaluable in optimizing our use of the system. We highly recommend QHRM to any manufacturing company looking to streamline their HR processes.”

Ma Ei Ei Khaing (Sweety Home)
Senior HR Manager