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Here are four key attributes of a Hiring Solution

Resource Planning

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Applicant Tracking system

Find Your Next Hire with Confidence – Select Candidates, Match Resumes, Schedule Interviews, Evaluate Feedback, and Monitor Interviewer Ratings with Our Powerful Solution.

Career Portal

Enhance Your Employer Brand and Find the Right Candidates Faster with a Personalized Career Portal and Our Job Portal Publishing Options.

Applicant Database

Effortlessly Manage Your Own Database of Applicants and Tap into It Whenever You Have a New Opening with Our Cutting-Edge Solution.

“Using QHRM Recruitment Module exceeded my expectations. The software’s enhanced applicant experience has made it easy for candidates to apply to open positions, and the AI algorithm’s ability to match the best candidate to each role has been a game-changer. Our hiring process has become much more efficient and cost-effective since implementing QHRM’s software. I highly recommend it to any HR Director looking to streamline their hiring process.”

Ma Gan Kaw Ko (DB Schenker)
Head of HR and Admin


The system provides the option to format offer letters with salary, join date, designation, and other remarks.
There is no limit to the resume database in QHRM.
The number of shortlisted candidates is based on the number of applied candidates.
The estimated time for the job portal to be available in June 2023.
The development team is currently working on integrating the job portal with the system.
If you are using any job portal, you can integrate it with our system.
We are currently working on getting recruitment budget planning in place.
We offer free use of the job portal to our clients.
You can view the employee exit report in our system to see turnover rate.
The recruitment module offers four types of reports: candidates per vacancy, resource requisition report, walk-in report, and employee exit report.