Ensuring constant Connectivity to your workforce wherever you go.

QHRM’s people management solution is designed to streamline HR processes, improve communication and enhance employee experiences. With a focus on clear expectations, training and development, recognition, engagement and work-life balance, our platform empowers HR professionals to drive success and support the growth of their organization.

People management key to business success, handle with care.

People management is the cornerstone of any successful organization. Properly managing employees helps to foster a positive work environment, drive productivity and boost employee satisfaction. It is essential to approach people management with care, as the well-being of your workforce directly impacts the success of your business.

Increased productivity and efficiency
Improved employee satisfaction and retention
Better company culture and reputation

Feature-packed employee management platform elevates HR processes.

When employees feel valued, supported, and recognized, they are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and stay with the company for longer.

Setup & Work Flows

Quick setup, customizable policies and streamlined workflow, our solution delivers lasting success with ease.

Organization Chart & Directory

Organize your workforce with branch, department, and unit-based employee directories and organization charts.

Employee Data

Centralized cloud storage of employee data, including personal details, job history, education, and vital documents, streamlines HR processes.

Change Management

Drive progress through effective change management, strategic planning, and communication.

“QHRM’s people management solution has helped us to streamline our HR processes and improve communication with employees. The platform’s focus on training and development, recognition, engagement, and work-life balance has positively impacted employee satisfaction and productivity. The centralized cloud storage of employee data has made it easy for us to manage and organize our workforce, and the customizable policies and streamlined workflow have made lasting success easy to achieve. I highly recommend QHRM’s people management solution to any HR professional looking to enhance their employee experiences and drive success in their organization.”

Ma Min Min (Yangon Internation Airport Group)
HR Assistant Manager