Drive transparency, efficiency, and accuracy in Leave Tracking

QHRM’s cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the way organizations handle their leave processes, making it simple and efficient for both employees and HR. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and embrace an automated system that streamlines every step of the leave process. Experience a better way to manage leaves with QHRM!

Simplify leave management with the All-in-One Solution.

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The All-in-One Leave Management System is designed to streamline the leave request process, from submission to approval.

Employee Self-Service

An employee self-service portal where employees can submit leave requests, view their leave balances, and track the status of their leave requests.

Approval Workflow

A robust approval workflow that routes leave requests to the appropriate approvers, such as managers, HR, or both.

Leave Balances

A clear and up-to-date display of an employee’s leave balances, including separate balances for different types of leave, such as vacation, sick, and personal time off.

Leave Calendar

A visual representation of leave requests and approvals on a calendar, to help managers and HR track upcoming leave and ensure adequate coverage.

Time Off

Accrual: Automated accrual of time off based on hours worked, seniority, or other criteria, to ensure employees are credited with the time off they have earned.

Leave Policies

A system for tracking and enforcing leave policies, such as maximum leave allowed in a year, notice required for leave requests, and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analytics to help managers and HR track leave trends, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions about leave policies and staffing needs.

Integration with Payroll and Time and Attendance

Integration with payroll and time and attendance systems to ensure accurate calculation of leave pay and to eliminate manual data entry.

“QHRM’s leave management system has transformed our organization’s leave processes, making it easy and efficient for our employees and HR team. The clear and up-to-date display of leave balances, integration with payroll and time and attendance systems, and the ability to track and enforce leave policies have eliminated manual data entry and improved accuracy. With QHRM, we can now focus on more strategic initiatives, while ensuring our employees receive the necessary time off to rest and recharge.”

Ms. Nant Dahlia (Adra Myanmar)
HR Coordinator


Certainly, it is possible to create customized leave types based on your specific requirements and establish appropriate workflows to manage them.
System provides a public holiday calendar that can be easily accessed by all employees through their mobile app.
We have a “leave on behalf” function for those who are unable to apply for their own leave.
Our system is extremely adaptable, providing you with the ability to establish your own rules and specifications, allowing the system to function in precisely the manner that you desire.
The QHRM system is equipped with an alert system to notify users of any possible leave conflicts.
Absolutely, you can configure leaves based on accruals to align with your organization’s specific criteria and guidelines.
Individual employees can view their leave balances through mobile app or via leave calendar in the system.
Allocation of leave can be performed either on a departmental or individual employee basis within the system.
Managers can apply and approve leave requests through the mobile app.