Health Care Case Study

Streamlining HR Operations for City Hospital Mandalay

City Hospital Mandalay was facing challenges with their HR management system, particularly with regards to duty roster and shift allocation. They were manually managing their employee schedules which resulted in errors and inaccuracies. In addition, they also needed a system that could integrate with their biometric devices to ensure accurate attendance tracking. After researching available options, they chose to implement qhrm, a comprehensive HR management software that could address all of their pain points.

Research and Trials

Prior to selecting qhrm, City Hospital Mandalay conducted extensive research and trials to ensure the software would meet their needs. They evaluated multiple HR management systems and conducted a thorough analysis of each system’s features, benefits, and drawbacks. After shortlisting the best options, they ran trials of each system to ensure it could handle their specific requirements, including duty roster and shift allocation, and real-time integration with biometric devices. After careful evaluation, they decided that qhrm was the most suitable software for their needs.

Installation and Data Transfer

After selecting qhrm, City Hospital Mandalay proceeded with installation and data transfer. The qhrm team provided comprehensive guidance and support throughout the installation process, ensuring a smooth transition. They also helped transfer all employee data from the hospital’s previous HR management system to qhrm, ensuring that all information was accurate and up-to-date.

Testing and Training

To ensure that qhrm was functioning optimally, City Hospital Mandalay conducted extensive testing and training. They worked closely with the qhrm team to customize the software to their specific needs and ensure that it was properly integrated with their biometric devices. They also provided comprehensive training to their employees to ensure that they could use the software effectively.

Going Live and Using the System:

After testing and training, City Hospital Mandalay went live with qhrm. They were able to leverage qhrm’s comprehensive features, including duty roster and shift allocation, to effectively manage their HR processes. They also benefitted from the software’s real-time integration with their biometric devices, ensuring accurate attendance tracking. With qhrm, City Hospital Mandalay was able to automate many of their HR processes, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Follow-up, Feedback, and Support

The qhrm team continued to provide support to City Hospital Mandalay after implementation, ensuring that the system was functioning optimally and addressing any concerns or issues that arose. The hospital provided feedback to the qhrm team on their experience, which the team used to make improvements and updates to the software. City Hospital Mandalay was very satisfied with qhrm, which resolved their main pain points related to duty roster and shift allocation, and provided real-time integration with biometric devices.

QHRM’s streamlined approach to HR operations allowed our Healthcare Industries to drastically improve our efficiency and resource management. From the thorough preparation and planning stages to the expert installation and data transfer, their team provided top-notch support throughout the entire process. With customized testing and training, we were able to confidently go live with the system, and have since experienced significant improvements in our HR operations. Their follow-up and feedback have been invaluable in optimizing our use of the system. We highly recommend QHRM to any manufacturing company looking to streamline their HR processes.”

Ma Sandi (City Hospital)
HR Officer