Customized HR Reports Data Driven Decisions

Personalized reporting that’s organized by module provides users with fast and efficient access to targeted data sets, leading to informed decision-making and optimized resource management.

Attendance Reports

Early Leaving
Late Comer
Daily Attendance
Attendance Track
Less Hour Worked
Average Work Hours
Attendance Request
Overtime Details
Monthly Attendance
Reliever Report
Attendance Location Report
Consecutive Week Off Report
Staff Monthly Attendance
Absent Report
Duty Roaster Track
Attendance Change/OT Request Report
Weekly Payroll
Employee Info Report

Employee Info Reports

Employee Details Report
Employee Financial Report
Attrition Report
Employee Exit Report
Employee Travel Request
Probation Period
Contract Expiry Report
License Expiry Report
Employee Declaration Report
Blacklist Report
Department Transfer
Employee Master Report
Employee Change Status Report
Turn Over Report
Birth Day Report
Service Year Report

Leave Reports

Leave Summary
Employees Leave Requests Report
Employees Compensatory OFF Requests Report
Leave Consumption
Employee Leaves Balance YTD
Individual Leave Summary
Leave Details

Payroll Reports

SSB Summary
Employee Gross YTD Report
Salary Structure Report
Month On Month YTD
Group-Wise Salary Summary Report
SSB Computer REG Form
Employee Earning Report
SSB Payment Report
Employee Deduction Report
Payroll Summary Report
Payroll Preview Report
Payroll Preview Action Report
YOMA Bank-DMM Payrolll Audit Authorization
KBZ Bank Instruction
YOMA Bank Instruction
KBZ Bank Instruction USD
Income Tax WA-NGA 16
PIT Statement
Income Tax WA-NGA 15(Local)
Income Tax WA-NGA 15(Expat)
Annual Tax Declaration
Monthly Tax Review
Sales Incentive

Performance Reports

Salary Revision Report
Feedback Report
Performance Review Report

Task Reports

Task Summary Report
Task Detail
Task Allocation Report
Pending Task

Training Reports

Training Courses Report
Training Courses Employee Wise Report
Employee Participation Report
Examination Report

Recruitment Reports

Candidate Per Vacancy
Request Requisition Report
Walk In
Employee Interview Report

Claim Reports

Claim Report
Employee Expense

QHRM’s personalized reporting system provides users with targeted data sets organized by module, making it easier than ever to access the information needed to make informed decisions and optimize resource management. With variable reports available for attendance, employee information, leave, payroll, performance, tasks, training, recruitment, and claims, users can easily generate customized reports tailored to their specific needs. The result is a powerful reporting tool that enables HR professionals to work more efficiently and effectively, saving time and increasing productivity.

Ma Khine Thazain Phoo (Proven Group of Distribution)
HR Executive