Free HR Software

Managing a company’s HR processes can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to handling employee data, contracts, and other related documents. However, with our free HR software package, managing these tasks becomes more efficient and streamlined. Our software package includes a range of features to help you manage your employees more effectively, including

HR Software Free For life Unlimited employee


Electronic EC contract

Employee Directory

Certificate management

Document management

Change management

Announcement & Notice

Warning Letter

Employee Info Reports

Access Control as per Roles

Employee Self-service

Company Branch as per your needs

Company Location as per your branch

Individual & Branch-Wise Department

Individual & Department-Wise Designation

Team inside Department

Define Business Division as per your requirement

Division-Wise Area

Employment Type

Offer Date

Probation Period

Employee Category

Employee Grade

Employment Status

Reporting Manager

Fully digitalized employment contract with Burmese and English version

Multi-Company Structure

Organization Chart

Salary Type

Past Job History

Past Job Verification

Past Job References

Upload all education documents of your employee

Employee Certificates

Track your employee’s expiring documents with notification

Employee Document management system

Store as many documents as you want

Add employee’s family contacts Details

Employee’s Address

Add and Track company Assets allocation with serial number

Add employee’s multiple bank account information

Manage company’s holidays

Configure emails

Resignation management

Exit form

Exit interview

Handover documents

Company feedback form

Rehire Date

Termination Reason

Termination Explanation

Exit Settlement

QHRM offers a comprehensive and customizable suite of HR management tools to help you streamline your company’s operations. With our free package, you can enjoy access to our electronic EC contract, employee directory, and certificate management system. Additionally, our solution includes features such as employee asset allocation, document management, change management, and announcement & warning letters.

QHRM platform offers reports, access control as per roles, and employee self-service, and can be tailored to suit your company’s organizational structure, including company branch, location, department, designation, team, division, area, employment type, offer date, probation period, employee category, employee grade, and employment status.

QHRM’s  fully digitalized employment contract comes in both Burmese and English versions, and our solution also supports multi-company structures. We offer organization charts, salary types, past job history and verification, and past job references. With our solution, you can easily upload all education documents of your employees and track their expiring documents with notification.