Attain consistent employee Punctuality

Stay in control of your workforce’s attendance and time, no matter where you are. With QHRM’s innovative solution, manage your employees’ time and attendance effortlessly, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile & Web Check in

Enhance productivity with convenient mobile and web check-in options, simplifying employee attendance tracking.

Biometric Device Config

Streamline attendance tracking with seamless biometric integration, easily identifying tardiness with color-coded flags.

Customizable Policies

Customize your attendance policies by department, position, location, branch, or individual employee with our AI-powered color coding engine.

Increased accuracy

With automated time tracking, you can eliminate manual errors and ensure that every record is accurate.

Improved efficiency

By automating the time and attendance process, you can save time and reduce administrative tasks for HR and managers.

Better visibility

Time and attendance management systems provide real-time data and reporting capabilities, giving you greater visibility into attendance trends and helping you make informed decisions.

Vector Curve

Maximize productivity, save costs with attendance tracking.

With the data provided by a time and attendance system, companies can make informed decisions that can have a positive impact on their bottom line. By automating time tracking, companies can minimize the time spent on manual data entry and focus on more strategic initiatives. Overall, the return on investment of a time and attendance management system is substantial and can greatly benefit companies of all sizes.

Why Choose us

Comprehensive time management for optimized productivity.

Optimize shift schedules, enforce punctuality with penalties, improve efficiency with mobile check-ins, streamline approvals, and simplify attendance management with our powerful solution.

Streamlined Shift Scheduling and Duty Roster Management
Customizable Late and Early Penalties to Increase Punctuality
Geofencing for Branch-Wise Attendance Tracking and Mobile/Web Check-In
Efficient and Controlled OT Requests with Approval Workflows

QHRM’s time and attendance management solution has proven to be a game-changer for Harry’s Bar. With this innovative technology, we have experienced a significant improvement in punctuality and leave processes, and we no longer face the challenges we once did. Our team and HR department are extremely satisfied with the system’s ease of use and efficiency. We highly recommend QHRM’s AI-powered attendance management solution to other businesses looking to streamline their operations and enhance their productivity.

HR Manager
Harry's Bar Myanmar

“QHRM’s time and attendance management system has made attendance tracking effortless and convenient for us. The mobile and web check-in options have made it easy for our employees to track their attendance, and the biometric integration has streamlined our attendance tracking process. The color-coded flags make it easy to identify tardiness and address attendance issues promptly. We also appreciate the customization options that allow us to tailor attendance policies by department, position, location, branch, or individual employee using the AI-powered color coding engine. Overall, QHRM’s time and attendance management system has improved our HR processes, allowing us to focus on more strategic initiatives that have a positive impact on our bottom line. We highly recommend QHRM’s time and attendance management system to any HR professional looking to streamline their attendance tracking and enhance their workforce productivity.”

Ma Myat Thwe (Htoo Hospitality)
HR Manager


1. Maual Entry / excel upload
2. Automated Bioometric device sync
3. Mobile Check in/out
4. Web Check in/out

QHRM offers iOS and Android apps at no extra cost beyond the initial pricing plan.
You have the ability to set up personalized rules for your company, which will be automatically transmitted to the payroll engine to facilitate any necessary subtractions and deductions.
The system is highly flexible, allowing you to create shift schedules tailored to the needs of your company as many as you want.
Our system is extremely configurable and flexible, particularly when it comes to overtime calculations. It can be integrated with a chain of approval and seamlessly calculated in the payroll process.
QHRM is already designed to comply with Myanmar Labor Law, while also allowing you to configure it based on the specific rules and regulations of your company.
Our system includes a location tracking feature that enables HR to monitor the precise latitude and longitude information of employee check-ins and check-outs. With the QHRM location report feature, HR can easily track this information.